Established in 1973, FOSTER is an Italian company specialised in manufacturing stainless-steel sinks and kitchen appliances. It operates in more than 50 countries all over the world and produces an average of 400.000 pieces per year. Foster's mission is to design and manufacture, exclusively in Italy, built-in appliances, carefully studied in order to improve functionality, safety and ergonomics in the kitchen. This brand offers a wide range of sinks combinable with cooker hobs, suction hoods, ovens and dishwashers and an array of accessories to make your kitchen unique and disctinctive.

Foster was the first company to introduce high efficiency burners, capable of getting up to 25% savings in gas. Foster offers a broad and modern selection of cooker hobs tailored to various space-related needs and implements special technological features in order to guarantee energy saving. The new cooker hobs feature high-efficiency burners that ensure a cut in gas consumption up to 25%.  This brand takes great care to use materials able to provide the best performance. All appliances are in accordance with EU Directives and covered by a 24-months Foster warranty.