Ferrero Legno

FerreroLegno: the name of our company combines together the original family name and the passion for wood, two elements that characterize our identity. The pride of being Italian is the fundamental starting point for every choice we make. The company has its headquarters in Magliano Alpi, in Piedmont, where the original small workshop has now become a manufacturing factory in constant evolution. And it is from our roots that our care for the environment develops. Our green philosophy is expressed in actions that involve both company and final product.

FerreroLegno doors feature a core originating from forests managed in a sustainable way, panels ensure minimum levels of formaldehyde emission, almost every product is lacquered and painted with water based paints, and most of the energy needed for our plant is generated through a photovoltaic system. The made in Italy style of each door shows off its sophisticated design, technological innovation and it is guarantee of solidity and reliability that make us one of the largest Italian manufacturers. While our heart and hands are Italian our eyes are open to the world.