Santa Lucia

The origins of what is today one of the largest Italian furniture companies, go back to 1965, when, at Prata di Pordenone a craft workshop was born, as its foundations, the passion for wood and home furniture. In the years of the economic boom, the new requirements and lifestyles, motivated by rapid societal transformations, changed even the conception governing furnishing which moved away from simple functionality, opening itself up to new influences.

In these years, the Santa Lucia furniture company came on the scene, able to interpret the changes in taste via the product variety and design, providing affordable prices and production logic which naturally formed part of the manufacturing stage, continually in development.

In just a single decade, the small workshop developed up until the point where the production area reaches 40,000 squared meters and the company employs over 180 persons, becoming a large company and securing a prime position within the Alto Livenza furniture district which represents one of the most important on a worldwide scale.

At present, Santa Lucia furniture also has a second 13,000 squared meters production site, built in record time in 2005, with ever greater state-of-the-art production and management systems all thanks to constant investment, boasting quality renowned on an international level and contemporary night and day collections, which always stylishly anticipate future trends.