Your ideal kitchen

08 - 05 - 2015

The spatial organization of the kitchen, especially the arrangement of furniture and appliances, does not only constitute a functional issue but it also involves a definite esthetical choice that will characterise your personal taste and lifestyle.

The kitchen is one of the most used and versatile spaces in the house; it is where you prepare and eat the food; where you get together with your family, where you treat your friends and guests. Today it is also an extension of the living area where you can also study, work or simply relax. For all these reasons, the kitchen has to be beautiful but also functional. 

This is why it is highly recommendable that you seek the best assistance and consultancy from an expert in this field such as an architect or an interior designer. This will help you avoid inconveniences, bad surprises, waste of time and above all, waste of money.

There are different kitchen layouts tobe used for every different situation and that can allow you to optimize on your available space. Every part has to be in the right position in order to facilitate the movements and minimise the expenditure of time and effort; all the main elements of your kitchen need to be very close to each other, without obstacles. Their distance should correspond to the "ergonomic triangle" with ideally, a perimeter of about 6.50 m. Above all, every element should be accessible and practical.

Lighting has to be scrupulously chosen and particular to the various areas of your kitchen; ventilation is significant as well in order to ensure a tidy environment and to eliminate unpleasant smells. This is done through the aplication of natural systems or through artificial devices such as extractors.

The correct choice of materials is also something very important, not only from an aesthetical point of view but also from a functional one. The right materials give the environment a touch of class without having to give up comfort and performance. 

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