SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN 1935, C. Fino + Sons Ltd has been synonymous with the manufacture and importation of fine furniture, establishing itself as one of the most renowned furniture houses in Malta. With a showroom display area of well over 3,000 square metres at ground level, the Fino Showplace is the largest of its kind in Malta. The total footprint in the Fino Complex in Mriehel is in excess of 20,000 square metres providing the company with ample display, warehousing and production areas. From humble beginnings, Carmelo Fino started his furniture business in a small workshop in the small village of Gwardamangia close to where he and his young wife lived. Using traditional handheld tools, the young Carmelo started creating beautiful pieces of loose furniture for customers that would pass by his small workshop. Working alone in his workshop from sunrise to sunset, little did Carmelo Fino know then, that in the span of a relatively short time, he would make his family name a truly household one and create a lasting legacy dedicated to manufacture of fine furniture.

BY TIME, his sons now reaching adolescence, joined Carmelo Fino and the small family business would accept more ambitious orders from customers for their household furniture. The family business was strongly building a strong reputation for complete bedroom sets and kitchens which alas made the small Gwardamangia workshop too inadequate to fulfill the expansion plans that were driving the family business.

CARMELO FINO had set his sights on bigger things and was no longer content to produce furniture in the traditional way any longer. His vision which both his sons Lawrence and Anthony quickly embraced as a sign of the times induced the firm to move to bigger premises in Mriehel where the manufacture of furniture started in the early 1970s on line production basis with the workshop now a fully fledged factory employing skilled craftsmen and using industrial machinery.